Formost Fuji is well known in the Bakery Industry for packaging solutions that are designed to the customer’s needs. From individually wrapping cookies on a flow wrapper to overwrapping bread, Formost Fuji can package it. We will work with you to provide a design that will smoothly adapt to your current production layout. Check out the special applications for bun/bagel systems, slug packs and of course the swing arm rotary high speed wrapper and many other options for bakery products.


Buns & Rolls

Several options are available for packaging rolls, hamburger buns and hotdog buns with Formost Fuji Equipment. From the complete inline Bun System to the speed and reliability of bagging rolls on the GTS Bagger, you can depend on quality and efficiency from Formost Fuji.



Bread packaging has been a major focus for Formost Fuji since Al Formo sold the first bagging machine in 1964 to Continental Baking Co. in Spokane, Washington. Our state of the art GTS Bagger is known worldwide for its reliability and simple operation. The Premium Bread Wrapper offers over-wrapping for optimal freshness with pass through technology for unwrapped product.


Bagels & English Muffins

With quick and simple changeover, the Formost Bagel and English Muffin System maintains product quality while bagging up to 65 bags per minute with gentle product handling and proven dependability.



Whether individually wrapped or multi-packaged, the Formost Fuji Wrapper is ideal for packaging muffins. Both the rotary end seal and box motion models are user friendly and easy to operate.



Formost Fuji provides complete automation solutions for packaging cookies. From individual high speed cookie wrapping to automating with pace-o-wheels and/or transpositors in a full line, we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your cookie packaging needs.




Packaging this sweet Italian bread is simple with the reliable and performance proven GTS Bagger that provides gentle product handling with speeds up to 50ppm.



Advanced high performance with quick, easy changeovers are among the many advantages of choosing a Formost Fuji Wrapper or Bagger for your tortilla packaging needs.



Formost Fuji’s engineering and manufacturing experience helps to provide a variety of choices when it comes to packaging crackers of all sizes, shapes and quantities. From slug packs to individual serving sizes, we can design a system to meet your needs.

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