Whether you are wrapping or bagging your textiles, Formost Fuji can help you design the perfect packaging solution to meet your needs. Formost Fuji horizontal flow wrap machines provide a simple solution for wrapping garments from t-shirts to medical drapes. The GTS horizontal bagging machine bags a variety textiles products into single bags.



Use a horizontal flow wrap packaging machine to wrap folded clothing items.  Popular items include aprons, t-shirts, dress shirts, and more.  After the product is neatly folded, the flow wrap package keeps the product protected while looking fresh, new, and nicely presented on store shelves. 


Medical Drapes

Formost Fuji offers several options for packaging medical drapes.  The Tyvek flow wrap system provides packaging with a Hermetic Seal and EO sterilization.  The Formost GTS bagger gently and dependably bags a variety of textiles, including drapes, for the medical field. 

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