Whether you are individually wrapping or multi-packaging, Formost Fuji will help design and build the system that fits for needs for packaging disposable items. Combination of a horizontal flow wrap machine with a Formost bagger provides a complete system for single use items individually wrapped and packaged for bulk consumers.


Disposable Cameras

The Formost Fuji horizontal flow wrapper coupled with an End Seal Fold down System is an ideal packaging solution for disposable cameras.


Plastic Cutlery

Whether you are wrapping sets of one, three, or three hundred, the Formost Fuji high speed horizontal flow wrap machine can provide you with a reliable packaging solution for plastic cutlery.  The Formost GTS bagger is ideal for bagging multiple individually wrapped products.


Plastic Cups

The performance proven Formost Fuji automatic individual Cup Wrapping System is designed for high speed with positive product control and outstanding dependability.  After cups are individually wrapped and stacked, they are bagged on the dependable Formost GTS horizontal bagging machine.

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