Formost Fuji has a variety of medical and pharmaceutical packaging solutions that will help reduce material and labor costs. Designed to package medical devices that require Hermetic seal for maintaining sterile package integrity including options like our Tyvek® Strip Applicator. Our vast flow wrapper selection and dependable horizontal baggers will provide you with a fail-safe solution you can trust and depend on.


IV Bags

The Formost Fuji FW3710 Top Seal Box Motion film direct servo wrapper creates hermetically sealed flow wrap packages for IV Bags. The B16 offers higher max pressure for longer dwell time. With nearly 4 times higher sealing pressure, the B16 provides high performance hermetic seal with hard to seal film. Multiple end seal height options are available to optimize operation.



Several Formost Fuji packaging solutions are available for Electrodes that provide Hermetic seal quality for maintaining sterile package integrity.


Blister Packs

Blister packs are made to protect products against external factors, such as humidity and contamination for extended periods of time. Formost Fuji HFFS wrappers are designed and manufactured to meet customer’s specific requirements within the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.



Formost Fuji flow wrappers are designed to meet various pharmaceutical packaging needs such as hermetically sealed packs running at high speed or refills for products that fit into devices, such as inhalers.



Our high speed horizontal wrappers are ideal for packaging a variety of syringes and offer several options that provide cost saving benefits for labor and material expenses.


UDI Compliance

Formost Fuji and partnered vendors provide a user friendly turnkey solution that can be implemented with minimal disruption to your operations. To view the UDI compliance video, click here.



The Formost Fuji flow wrapper series offers several failsafe options for packaging bandages including chevron end seal and aseptic opening features for low profile products.


Sanitary Wipes

The Re-Seal It® option combined with the speed and seal quality of the Formost Fuji horizontal wrapper is an ideal packaging solution for sanitary wipes and many other products that require a hermetic seal with ease of access and Reclosable feature.



Whether you are looking to wrap individual or bag multiple sets of face masks, Formost Fuji has a fail safe solution for your packaging needs.

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